The Auction
– Are you visiting Oxford? Why don’t you try this unique sightseeing? This game guides you around the main attractions of Oxford and you can see them with an exciting atmosphere provided by our game.

– Are you local? Why don’t you try this exciting outdoor activity? All the family or your company of friends/collagues will enjoy it.

– Are you able to save this beatiful historical city against a significant danger?

Not many people knows about the time machine function of bus 8 that is when you come from the Ex(c)iting Game on the London Road and catch it towards the city centre. But you are in this small group of people, so you can take part in a journey through time in the historic Oxford, travelling through centuries, even millennia or millions of years.

Now you will be engaged in a secret mission in which you need to get the information necessary to find out in what year and what will jeopardize Oxford!

You are members of a secret society who suspect the existence of the time machine and the impending danger, but you can not specify it.
Your task is to detect the precise details, so you’ll have time to prepare for the impending danger and prevent it.

Short version (2-3 hours) and long version (4-5 hours)


2-5 players / teams

suitable for big groups separated in smaller teams

only from £45/teamThe Auction

– Make a reservation today, but first please be aware some special terms of the game.

Special terms >>>

– This game can be booked only 2 weeks in advance, because it depends on the opening times of some buildings, so we need to be up-to-date about this.

– The players need to adapt to the opening times during the game, but they will be informed about them when they get the briefing. The game is not available after 2 pm, because of the above-mentioned opening times.

– Neither rescheduling nor cancellation is allowed, even if the weather is bad. So please, keep being informed about the weather, before you make a booking.

– The short version takes 2-3 hours.

– The long version takes 4-5 hours and we recommend it to complete in two days.

– The game is ideal for 2-5 people. If more than 5 of you are in your company, you need to book more slots. The game kit that you receive before the game consists only one instruction, one special map and one kit of necessary equipment.

– One of the team members must be good in English.


– Are you a big team?

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– The game is suitable for big teams. Separate yourselves in smaller groups and let’s start the competition!

– Each team (3-5 people) get a special map, a game kit and the instruction before the game.

– Please, be aware, our reception area is limited, so we can take the briefing for one or two teams (depending on the bookings of our indoor games) at the same time, so the others will need to wait outside the building.

– You need to book as many slots as the number of small groups you have.