The Auction
A scientist made a discovery more than a year ago: a huge meteor is approaching our planet. He was able to calculate the exact place and the time of the impact. However the astronomer’s theory hasn’t been accepted by the scientific community. He tried to explain his theory a lot of times, but nobody believed him. This fact sent the once genius scientist crazy, because he could do nothing to save the part of the Earth and to help people avoid death. He has been spending his time in the streets explaining his theory to everyone who bump into him, but people only smile at him… But the impact of the meteor is getting closer and closer minute by minute.
An MI6 big-wig who is otherwise a hobby astronomer as well, had a sneaking suspicion about the truth of the „mad” scientist. He has sent his team to search the mad astronomer’s deserted flat and to collect all information possible. It is the only way to evacuate the affected area in time.

60 minutes

The game’s duration is one hour, plus we brief you shortly at the start

3-5 players

The more buddies you have, the more easily you can solve the puzzles

only from £45/teamThe Auction

The price of the room is depending on the number of players

The AuctionThe AuctionThe AuctionThe AuctionThe Auction