The Cosmos VR

The Cosmos VR – virtual reality escape game

The games take place on a space station that sent an emergency signal…

The players will challenge an extra-terrestrial entity that has assumed full control over the station. With joint efforts, they’ll have to repair all the damaged system, solve difficult puzzles and unravel the mystery of what has happened.

The gameplay will allow the players to experience flying in zero gravity, require maximum interaction with each other and with the game’s mechanics, letting the players do everything with their own hands, shoot lasers, fight against robots and even use telekinesis…

60 minutes

The game duration is 60 minutes, plus we brief you shortly at the start

2-5 people

We have 5 devices for the VR experience, so the maximum number of players is 5. To participate, the minimum age is 13.

Easy or hard?

A little bit harder if you have no experience in playing computer games, a little bit easier if you have.

Do you suffer from motion sickness? We recommend to take travel sickness pills 30 mins prior to the session.

Virtual Reality Escape Game


The Cosmos VRThe Cosmos VRThe Cosmos VRThe Cosmos VRThe Cosmos VR